Platform Solution

Cofuddle is built on years of experience launching and managing digital communities. We’ve done the heavy lifting when it comes to the technology needed so you don’t have to even think about it, and our team can offer support with all the creative and marketing tasks involved. This allows you to focus on what you do best…using your experience, knowledge and passion to transform lives and make the world a better place.

So, whether your vision is to enable peer-to-peer learning and support across communities of interest, place or circumstance, or whether your passion lies in providing structured knowledge and expertise to support the personal development and growth or your members, CoFuddle has the right solution and package for you.

Platform features

The CoFuddle Platform is built on WordPress, the worlds #1 open source platform, giving us the freedom and flexibility to deliver the best features and functionality to grow your community.

  • Subscription manager

    Simply create different pricing tiers, charge associated monthly or annual membership fees, offer discount codes, and manage renewals and cancellations.

  • Manage roles and profiles

    Assign members different roles (i.e. expert, community manager, member), map roles to access rights, and enable members to manage their own profile and settings.

  • Course builder

    Create engaging online courses, set pricing (free or paid), and enable third-party experts controlled access to create courses on your behalf.

  • Content manager

    Structure content into themes, learning modules, episodes etc. Add, edit and remove content posts containing podcasts, videos and articles.

  • Forums

    Create stand alone community forums to chat and offer support, plus also integrate forums into courses and content for added context.

  • Event manager

    Create a calendar of events, including free and paid, promoting masterclasses, focus groups, socials, town halls, webinars and much more.

  • Peer Group manager

    Invite members to join (free and paid) peer groups to access specific discussions and events.

Studio services

CoFuddle offers a comprehensive set of services to help you grow your community.

  • Content Production

    Podcast | Editorial | Online Course | Video

  • Content Management

    Editorial Services | Proof Reading | Managing Content on Platform | Email Writing and Automation

  • Consultancy

    Content Planning | Growth Marketing | Advisory Services | Branding & Design | Pilot Management

  • Technical Support Services

    Platform Support | Customer Support | Bespoke Features Development | Training | Hosting

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