Bring people together to share, support & learn.

CoFuddle helps changemakers build online communities that make the world a better place. 

A quick, easy and affordable way to set up your own online community, accessible 24/7 by your members through their smartphone or tablet. 

Bring content, courses, events, and discussion tools, together in a single platform under your brand.  

Build loyalty, grow your audience, increase your impact and generate revenue, all while reducing your workload.

Peer Support

Enable your community to create and manage their own Peer Groups; to engage and interact with each other in a safe and controlled space. Whether it’s lending each other a supportive ear, chatting about course content, or offering their own lived experience, your community members can grow and learn together using the intuitive chat tools and discussion forums.

Learning & Personal Development

Support structured training and social learning. It’s simple to create media-rich online courses, set pricing (free or paid), and enable others to contribute their expertise.

Community Events

Create and promote digital and in-person events to your members, or a sub-section of your audience. Set pricing (free or paid) and empower individuals in your community to manage their own events.

Targeted, Relevant Content

Publish articles, videos and podcasts to support and inspire your community and drive discussion. Invite your members to submit their own content in return for rewards. Build inspiring and useful content libraries together as a community. Charge optional membership fees for access to content. 

Case Study

We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Supporting Artist Mental Wellbeing (Samwell) CIC from initial concept development and bid writing, through to creating content for their launch using the Cofuddle platform.   

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